Re-balancing & Repositioning the Institution Portfolio

Economists and academic leaders are modeling several scenarios regarding Fall 2020 enrollment amidst a state of recovery. According to the recent Chronicle dashboard, a number of predominant models are appearing across most institutions, from gradual re-opening over the summer, to fully open in the fall, to online and hybrid models. Read our take on re-balancing and repositioning your institution for success in this new climate.


Amid this time of uncertainty, higher education leaders are planning against the unknown. The unprecedented shift from on-premise to online learning will present both enrollment and subsequent budget challenges. Leading up to Fall Semester 2020, it is imperative for institutional leaders to have a clear line of sight into the brand position and strategies that bring meaningful impact in enrollment goals and revenue generation.

Agency-Client Relationships: It’s like a marriage (well, sort of…)

Agency/client relationships, when done well, can bring about work that helps build a brand’s business in addition to strengthening its equity. However, without the right attention and care at the onset of the relationship, things can easily take a turn for the worst. Here are a couple of things to look at when you work with agencies to ensure you get off on the best footing and receive the best work for your brand.

There’s no shortcut to proper planning

Planning is one of the most critical activities that an organization does. However, there are things that always get in the way of doing it properly - too many other priorities, the work is too hard, not enough budget to answer key business questions - leading marketers to shortcut the approach, often to deleterious results. But, if there's one thing that shouldn't be shortchanged, it's planning. Here are some simple steps that you can take to ensure that you're being rigorous with your business planning activities.

Strategic Discipline Will Never Go Out of Style, but Marketing Automation Can Give it a Whole New Look

Despite all of the news and noise about how complex the modern “customer journey” has become, we still meet Marketers frequently that are not using a very disciplined approach to mapping those journeys and adjusting their marketing programs accordingly. Even fewer are tapping into the power of Marketing Automation to help guide them toward what can ultimately become game-changing results for their business.