Ted Tagalakis

Ted Tagalakis

Engagement Director

Ted is not only a strategy ninja, he’s also a second degree black belt. So that means if you aren’t swayed by his words, he can speak with his fists.

Ted leads the team as a highly motivated and successful engagement specialist, with an impressive track record of successfully integrated media campaigns. As a 15+ year veteran in the ad game, his successes can be attributed to crafting and implementing data-driven media strategies that identify the right audiences, platforms, and optimize towards performance metrics. In other words he comes up with strategies that actually stick.

Ted’s belief in diversification runs through his veins. So much so, that in his free time, he’s often found running, biking, and swimming as he trains for Ironman triathlons.

He’s served a number of brands including The Coca-Cola Company, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Alabama Tourism, Cooper Tires, Gas South, Mitsubishi Electric, Cooper Tires, and Georgia Aquarium.