Josh Bernstein

Josh Bernstein

Performance Search Manager

Who knew that when Josh changed his major for the 3rd time at UGA, not only would it stick, but it would lead him on a path to become Ammunition’s trusted expert in the field of paid search & Google advertising.  That 3rd major change would lead to a fifth year in Athens where he met his future wife while serving as a Peabody Awards judge.

Josh started out in traditional media buying and then shifted to digital media at another agency we don’t need to name.  He’s been focused on paid search for over 13 years and you’ll be hard pressed to find another search professional who has as much knowledge in all forms of media. Plus, if Google gets shut down, he can at least go back to buying magazines and trade pubs.

Josh treats paid search for what it is…ADVERTISING.  He doesn’t shoot before asking questions and he approaches each campaign like any other media buy.  It’s not just about getting traffic to a website, it’s about how a client wants to differentiate themselves from other ads in the search results
and how they turn that visitor into a sale or lead.

He’s worked on some of Atlanta’s most honored brands and has established himself as one of the most trusted paid search professionals in the southeast.